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Directed By:
Kevin Tenney

Rated R
Genre: Horror
Format Used: Netflix DVD
Contains: Graphic Language, Graphic Language, Nudity, No Sense
Also Known As:
Pinocchio (Europe) (video title)
The Pinocchio Syndrome (USA) (working title)


The beautiful story of a mother who gives her daughter a lovely puppet named Pinocchio, the end. I wish, after that a series of strange deaths begin to happen which the daughter claims to be the work of the living puppet Pinocchio.

Okay, as I said before the thing we hate almost as much as bad endings is movies that doesn't make any sense and just because it's a horror movie doesn't excuse it from making sense. At the end of the movie the mother sees with her own eyes the Pinocchio doll come to life and for at least ten for fifteen minutes or something in that lines tries to kill her. Then with one heave launches the puppet through the top of a plate glass table only to discover it was her daughter.

Let me say that again for emphasis, IT WAS HER DAUGHTER! Why was she seeing the puppet, it's not like she was wearing a costume. I know the dark can play tricks on you but it wasn't that dark! So what the hell was mom smoking to see things! Plus, little what's her face goes through plate glass, those tables aren't that thin, so how did she survive? Plus, the 64 billion dollar question they never bother to answer is WHY!? Why did little what's her name go homicidal. Getting a girt don't make people no homicidal maniacs, there has to be a reason and for those reason is why this crap fest is getting the lump of COAL.





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