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Directed By:
Charles Band

Rated R
Genre: Horror
Format Used: Netflix DVD
Contains: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Brief Nudity, Sexual Content, Rape


Eva was placed in this correctional facility for her part in a robbery that ended up in homicide. But for a place that's not a normal jail it has all the elements of a normal jail. The cruel guard that rapes her every chance he gets, the bigot warden who hates "Trailer Trash" and the gang leader trying to force her to bring drugs into the building.

So since it has all the elements of the "Big House" as the warden puts it, then how wasn't it the "Big House"? Then her daughter gives her these freaky worry dolls which takes her worries away by giving her powers to kill her enemies.

Now, first, if it wasn't jail then what was it? And she ended up in there because she was a non-violent offender in the wrong place at the wrong time then explain the drug kingpin babe who was obviously a violent offender.

Two, why didn't she report that the guard was sexually assaulting her on a regular basis, it's the 21st century, that kind of thing isn't tolerated anymore.

Finally, the climax, Eva ends up in a mental ward for the rest of her life and her friend gets the worry dolls and this dance starts all over again.

For once Charles Band dropped the ball, big time. There was little to nothing worth anything in this movie and I'm sorry to say that this Christmas Charles deserves only a LUMP OF COAL!


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