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Directed By:
Jay Gowey

Rated R
Genre: Horror
Format Used: Netflix DVD
Contains: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Nudity, Graphic Sexual Content, Bad Acting, Bad Ending


The star of a popular kid's show has a dark secret, and when a reporter begs to see the puppet from the elderly man it comes back to life and kills him. His granddaughter inherited the tiny terror and begins to grant a terrible wish. It turns out her great grandfather made a deal with the devil and sold not only his soul but his entire family's souls as well.

Okay, listing what's wrong with this crap shack could take a while, first the old man was dying of a heart attack was strangling really needed and what was Charlie strung up with, PIANO WIRE! String wouldn't cut into human flesh like that.

Charlie Chowderhead. First, that's a stupid name, Netflix accidentally called him Chowderhead Charlie in the plot and that name works better. Second, that thing wouldn't be a beloved anything, it would freak kids out, now what they should have done was have a cute puppet then morphs into something scary, but that would take imagination and creativity, something the writer of this lacked and then some.

Next, you can't sell you're family's soul, especially people that aren't born yet! Even demons and devils have rules.

Next, bad acting, production values and goofs you wouldn't believe, like holding a cell phone upside down.

Lastly and leastly, The climax. Her loving boyfriend is real supportive of her, he thinks she's nuts, calls the cops and has her arrested and sent to a loony bin while's sent to auction to be sold, which doesn't makes sense. Whose selling him, since he's evidence he's should have been put in the evidence lock up. The one should be strung up is the writer of this disaster! Now we give this crapper THE LUMP OF COAL!




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