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Directed By:
James Wan

Cary Elwes,Danny Glover and Dina Meyer

Not Rated
Genre: Horror
Format Used: Netflix DVD
Contains: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Bad Ending


Let's begin with Saw, the strange tale of a bizarre serial killer who traps and tortures his victims in sick and twisted death traps he calls games.

A unkind doctor and a man he never met before is locked in a disgusting restroom chained to the wall and an apparent suicide in the center of the room, while they try to unravel what happened to get them to this point we see other victims of Jigsaw in flashback form.

Everyone says how wonderful this movie is and how great it is. No, it's not. The nature of horror is surprise, what's lurking in the dark, not kidnapping people and torturing them to death, what kind of sick mind finds innocent people suffering enjoyable.

Next, no body can think of every possible outcome, it's impossible. How would Jigsaw knows that the guy in the tube would wake up with a jerk pulling the plug of the tube and losing the only key. He could not panic and woke up, he could have drowned in his sleep! I mean really!

Lastly, why? Just because the doctor was a jerk, if we killed every jerk or unkind person, the world would be an emptier place indeed.

SPOILER ALERT: The cop saves the doctor's family but he assumes the cheers of joy is screams of pain, cuts off his own foot to escape but can't. And the so called corpse was the mastermind the whole time. I'm sorry, but a real doctor could tell a head wound from make-up! For all these reason we give this crap factory, THE LUMP OF COAL!




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